Bad Hair Day – Hair Salon Fiasco

It is always nice to treat yourself and go to the salon. A new hair style, a new color, can make a woman feel ten times better about herself. More often than not, you already have a stylist that you love and would not trade for the world. Other times you call to make an appointment and your favorite stylist is booked solid but you need your hair colored right away. So you take that next day appointment hoping for the best. That is what Sally Jones did, and with her horrifying experience, she wishes she hadn’t. I asked Sally about her terrible salon experience.

She had an important date the following day and she had to get her hair done, her roots were showing, and it was an emergency. Her hair was currently a dark brown and she was really wanted to go red. A really bright and vivid red which she thought would be a simple task.

“The stylist seemed a bit naïve in the beginning, but I figured it is just going from brown to red, right? It shouldn’t be so hard.” Sally said. “I saw her mixing the color and it looked a little too bright for me, but I figured she knew what she was doing.” After the stylist was finished dying and drying her hair, Sally noticed something that instantly startled her.

“My hair was purple! 100% bright purple! I looked like the lead singer of a punk rock group, it was horrifying. I actually broke down and cried right in front of everyone in the salon, how embarrassing!” Sally noted. Her stylist apologized and revealed something that Sally was unaware of until then. It was her very first day at the salon. She was so nervous that the color was mixed wrong and she admitted to messing everything up.

“I most definitely learned a lesson that day. Always stick to your stylist. If you do see somebody new, ask them about their credentials. It could save you a major hair emergency!” Sally proclaimed.

Needless to say, Sally was unable to go on her date the following evening because she was way too embarrassed about her hair. She felt bad for getting so upset at the salon but admits that had anyone else been in that position they would have done the same thing.

“I just wanted red hair, that’s all. My expectations were high and the results were devastating. I have definitely learned my lesson and will never do that to myself again.

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